Having a fresh business presence is important. Website design has gone through a lot of changes. What worked 5 years ago online, does not work today. Your message
needs to be current and consistent with online design trends today.

5 Current Trends in Website Design

  1. Flat Design - A few years ago, websites were a stage to showcase flashy graphics and a huge amount of content. We have moved away from this approach to a more client/product centered approach. Simplicity and minimalism is important. Designers are using bold colours and flat design. The purpose in simplicity, is to bring back functionality, and to showcase a business’s best features or products. It’s important to cut out clutter and distractions if you are to communicate your business message clearly.
  2. Mobile First - Your site needs to be responsive to mobile users. There are more mobile users than ever today and we need to create websites that respond to our customers needs.
  3. Call to Action - Your website needs to clearly communicate the call to action for your customer. You need to lay out a step by step plan for people to communicate with you, and ask questions. Customers will not be engaging with you if it is not easy and obvious.
  4. Quality Photography - Professional photographs of your business are key to communicating who you are. When designing your website you need to plan for professional or high quality photographs. We can help you with this.
  5. CopyWriting - Older websites tend to have a lot of writing. We used to think the more words the better! However, your customer has a short attention span and if you do not communicate clearly and briefly, you will lose your sale to the website next door. If you need help with communicating your message, contact us today and we can help you.E-Commerce Solutions: Strategy, design & development. Do you want to sell a product online? We can help you do that!

Content Management: Do you want to be able to manage and make changes to your own website? Our content management system puts you in control and allows you to to easily manage features such as: blogging, resource & document management, imagine galleries and much more. You don’t need to be a computer expert to manage your online presence!

Mobile & New Platforms: Customizing your website for mobile use is very important. We can build a responsive website that works well on all interfaces. 

Social Media: Build communities and brand awareness . We can help you develop your social media campaign and gain new customers through target marketing.