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The Web Design Process

Building a web site is a lot like building a house; before you lay a single brick you start with a blue print. For your web site it is recommended that you come up with an outline of the material you would like on your web site. Think of your web site as an elaborate power point presentation about your company

Some common buttons that are used on hompages are: General Information, History, About Us, Contact Us, Our Mission, How to find us, Products, Services. Each button can have numerous sub categories but a home page should not have more than 7 buttons to keep it more functional and less intimidating to new users of your web site. Always keep in mind simple is better; the less buttons you put on your home page, the easier your site will be for users to navigate.


Ever see a web site that you really like?
Ever see a web site that you really don’t like?
This kind of information will help you in deciding what you want your site to look and function like. If you can’t think of specific sites you like you can view the portfolio of the Eastwood Design.

Once you have an idea of what you want, the design team will work up a ‘comp’ (simple sketch) of what your homepage will look like; i.e. colours, logo’s, buttons etc etc. This will determine the look and feel of your site.

It is important that you take a close look at your homepage and make sure it is customized to your liking. This stage of development of your site is critical for as stated previously, developing a web site is much like building a home; you start from the foundation up. If later on in the site you decide to change the look and feel, it is the same as developing an entirely new site and will influence the completion date and the final cost.


Website development will not begin until all information is received.  Any text, photos and hyperlinks not received  will be subject to service charges Once all the data is gathered (outline and content) and a look and feel are chosen, the design team will start the development process. During the design process you site will be on a remote server to check out your site as it approaches its launch date. ie: www.eastwooddesign.ca/~yourname

Going Live.

You will be sent a final link for your approval and your site is uploaded to your server.


Advanced Features.

Eastwood Design can offer your website custom advanced features including:
Content Management Systems
Custom Blogs
Dynamic Events Calendars
News and Knowledgebase Portals
Advanced Registration Forms
Multi Page Online Surveys
Shopping Carts
Selling digital goods (pdf's mp3's software etc
Site Search Engines
Banner Ad Management
Feedback Forms
Video editing

Contact us for prices on custom features


Our website maintenance charge is $80/hour with a 30 minute minimum charge. We can maintain sites we have designed or maintain your site that was designed by a third party* some conditions apply


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I grew up in Moncton NB and left in the early 90's to attend NSCAD University in Halifax Nova Scotia. After graduating from NSCAD I worked in the Continuing Education Dept for almost 10 years before leaving to work on Eastwood Design full time. I enjoy all aspects of web development from research, development, creative, client relationship and support and management. The internet is always changing which I enjoy as it is always a challenge and joy to learn new things that I can bring to my clients to help leverage their business.